Wednesday, April 20, 2022


From Marcia Howell:

Thank you for the prayers.  God is with us; here is how the day went:
I sat for a minute wondering what song God would like to hear this morning... High andLifted Up
as I look down the autoplay list I see these titles
I AM with you
Set My Love on You
Leaning on my Beloved
You Restore Everything.
He is with me and gave me a heap of hope
And regarding the appointment; I was in perfect peace.  She,the doctor, spent about 2 1/5 hours with us checking a few things  and even though she said "It appears" to be Lou Gherigs/Bulbar onset, I've got hope and almost anticipation going on.  Aubre heard it as a "firm" diagnosis.
 She thought another appointment in 3 months with a pulmonary specialist included because with Bulbar the muscles around the lungs stop assisting breathing sooner than the other ALS.  I am still in hope.  
God is with me and because of the dreams and the two words I've had about "speaking" in front of people, He has to heal me or if that's changed then I expect Him to keep me along the way

B lessings,
Pastor Jeff

The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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