Wednesday, October 14, 2020


The following was submitted by Wanda Scarborough:

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First Name: Janice
Last Name: Leos
Message: Info regarding janice:
Added both of you for the update. She fractured her hip where femur connects to hip. Slight dislocation. She requires surgery and they will most likely do it in the morning sometime. She is on morphine since the ambulance and was pretty much knocked out. They know about her meds and I reiterated the same. Docs might call me in morning for prep for surgery but. Not sure. I will probably go out there in the early morning to be at the hospital and work from there. We can't go back there tonight as no visitors until 8am but that's probably when she would go back for surgery. When I know more I will pass along. Take care.

Pastor Jeff
The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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