Thursday, June 18, 2020

Marcia's Mom

Received the following from Marcia Howel:

Good Evening,

Some of you may know that  my 96 year old mom is blind and mostly deaf, in  an assisted living facility in Washington State.

Since the lockdown (and King  County is still in stage one) her care has dramatically been reduced as my brother and sister-in-law cannot attend to her needs.
Lately, it has fallen off even more and the staff is telling her that she is spoiled because she needs help with getting dressed,showering and a few other things. There are a few other things her table mates have talked about. I think that the residents are being intimidated
There are so many bullet points in this...
Please pray as you do so well.

Thank You

Pastor Jeff
Pastor of Congregational Care

The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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