Monday, March 2, 2020

Seth McAdams

Seth submitted the following on Saturday but it did not post until today:

I've moved across the US to Hampton, VA, to work for a ministry. I've been feeling very stressed and burned out lately. Please pray that the Lord will heal me completely from stress and burn-out. Pray that the Lord will teach me how to do my job in such a way that it is restful, healing, energizing, and full of joy. Pray that I will work from a place of shalom, from being attached to the vine, who is Jesus Christ, drawing nourishment and strength from Him for everything I need to do. Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will be my Strength, my Wisdom, and He will do the work through me and guide me. Pray that I will be full of the Holy Spirit and be filled with the experience of His Presence as I do my job. Pray that my job will not be just busyness, but instead, that it will bear much fruit for the Kingdom. Thank you!

Pastor Jeff
Pastor of Congregational Care
The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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