Wednesday, March 4, 2020


received the following from Amber:

AJ is scheduled to have multiple turbinate reductions (liposuction in his nose) and septoplasty (breaking his nose to correct deviated septum) tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. Could you please take some time to lift him up in prayers today, that the surgery goes well, that his fears be put to rest, and that his recovery is smooth? He's had 5 myringotomy (having tubes put in his ears) surgeries in office and has been awake for all of them but one. So they feel confident that he will do well having this procedure done awake in office as well, instead of being put to sleep in the hospital. AJ is incredibly nervous (I am too but don't tell him I said that).
Also, BIG praise to Papa!! Insurance is covering 100% of the procedure and there will be no out of pocket costs for us!
Thank you so much!

Pastor Jeff
The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team


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