Saturday, October 26, 2019


Received this from Bonnie Lippard this morning:

Message: Here is a post from my daughter with Kaylani. We have prayed her through a lot and God really has her in his hands. We need prayer right now. We do not need to go backwards nor should we have to. She belongs to God and because of that she should continue to move forward. Sometimes doctors only look at and consider medicine that has worked in the past with other situations. She is not a common situation. We need her on a program that doesn't pile one adult medication on top of another adult medication. Join us in praying that the doctors will find favor with my daughter and will truly hear what she is saying. Not just listen but will truly hear. God still heals today. That's what we pray before anything else. We need strong lungs, strong heart, no seizures, and normal brain function.
Thank you so much for your prayers.
I have been having random hives like these over the last year and I've chalked it up to something I've touched that I'm allergic to. However there is ever only 1 common denominator and it's me. I've realized it's me and my worrying. We have been having some rough days with kaylani lately (med related I believe) and we have an appointment this Monday for her brain drs In which I am going In prepared for a fight. I am Currently feeding my baby 2 different controlled substances that adults have to go to rehab for because of it addictive factors, I am also giving her an adult bipolar medication. Yes I know that all these meds are needed for her different conditions and now it's looking like she could now have high blood pressure which will require another medication. Kaylani makes life look easy and most people have no idea she is sick and that's how we want it. But she is starting to notice now that all that she goes through is not normal and a few of these medication are causing some very undesirable side effects. Monday I will be preparing to battle the drs on a few of these medications and it will be no different. Ever since we got this little
Girl gifted to us we have had to fight. And until the day I die I will continue to fight. But please say a little prayer that the doctors will listen and respond with good judgment. Being her mommy is no where close to easy but to me it is perfect with lots and lots of bumps and pot holes in our path. 🤪

Thank you for your continued prayers,
Pastor Jeff
Pastor of Congregational Care
(661) 803-3763

The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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