Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Ed Arrant's Nephew Donnie Kreiner

Received this from Ed (Bear):

"I am seeking long term prayer for my nephew Donnie Kreiner in Ohio. He had a cardiac arrest at work and was revived through CPR on the way to the hospital. His daughter was on her first day of trauma center clinicals on ER duty for her RN at the time. It was determined that he has a grape sized cavernous angioma, noncancerous, in his brain behind his right ear which will require brain surgery to correct. That is what caused him to have a seizure and the cardiac arrest. They are in process of determining where the surgery will be performed, the choice is between the Cleveland Clinic or Ohio State. He is a believer and a man of faith but is understandably scared. My prayer is for a healing of this situation whether through divine intervention or Gods use of skilled physicians. He is in his late 50's and still has a long life ahead of him once this healing occurs. Thank you for your prayers and I will post updates as I receive them".

Let's pray for God for a miraculous healing and recovery, guidance for the medical teams and peace for his family during this time.

Pastor Jeff
Pastor of Congregational Care
(661) 803-3763

The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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