Tuesday, August 20, 2019

prayer requests

Blessing to you all.  Thank you for your participation in praying for the needs of our local body.

I was just going over some prayer requests that have come in to the church through the information packet from the bulletins.  I thought we could cover these again.

4/14/19: Pray for Zech's health and class.
5/19/19:  Pray for Sam to know the truth and not the lies.  Pray for Zach's health and that he has more energy.  Pray that God will take down the wall between me and Sam.
5/19/19: Kids need prayer neighbors, God needs to help them all.
7/17/19: Please pray for my daughter-in-law that goes tomorrow to do a heart Cather done to look for blockage.  Her name is Brenda, the daughter-in-law of Joan Marcantonio.
7/21/19: Thank you for the prayers for my daughter-in-law, Brenda.  She had a good report, thank You Lord and thank you prayer warriors.
8/4/19: Help my husband and I to come close to the Lord.  Help us come as we are and to get closer to God.  Thank you.

As you can see there has been some answered prayer and I know that God is pleased with your prayers.

"When you can't think of what to pray for, pray in tongues.  And then pray in tongues about praying in tongues!"  Quote from Myrene Morrison, Cleansing Stream Discipleship class, 1999.
The Fellowship at Weatherford
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