Sunday, July 7, 2019

Tiger family

Received the following from Tonja Tiger:
Message: Good morning. Sending a prayer request and prayers for Abe- he had his right ankle/leg surgery on the 6/24 and it was more intense than surgeon expected, so he is still no weight bearing on that foot, bedrest, and lots of pain, he sleeps most of day and night because the pain makes him so worn out.
Also, prayers for my dad, Jim Baksinski, he had lumbar spine back surgery July 1st, was doing good they sent him home, started having out of control muscle spasms and got to where he could not move to get up, he is at Stephenville Methodist right now, they may transfer him to Harris SW if need.
Prayers please for Waxin. Being 10 years old and summer time, this is hard seeing his loved ones in pain, and not as fun of a summer as hoped.
And of course, me, trying to keep everyone taking care of, fed, being mom, wife, and daughter, plus working. I am tired.
We love you and miss you all. Thank you.
Tonja Tiger
 Lift this family up for healing, strength, and peace.  Pray that Abe heals quickly and that their summer will have a lot of fun times and precious moments.
Pastor Jeff

The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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