Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Update on Elizabeth Bressert

Received this update for Elizabeth from Mimi Johnson:

Message: Latest update on Elizabeth Bressert from her mother Anne. Elizabeth Bressert Update. Tuesday, May 14th My last update on May 1st, I asked for prayer for a new med the Doctor wanted to try, to reach us quickly. Through a string of coincidences God put together, the med arrived on Sunday, 5th of May, much sooner than the 2 - 4 weeks we were told we would have to wait. The new med improved her overall condition by about 30% but did not turn the corner we needed for Liz to stop vomiting completely and be able to eat enough to keep from losing weight. On Saturday, May 11th at 9 PM I headed again for the Dallas hospital praying they would keep her this time, and not just give her IV fluids and meds and send her home again. They admitted her, and the chance I was praying for happened. There is a nationally recognized gastroparesis specialist Team at UT Southwestern, and they reviewed her case and took her on. Their goal is to keep working with her until they find what works. They started trying new meds right away, and my prayer is that they find a combination that works. There are several more aggressive therapies/ surgeries that are a last resort if meds can't be found. I am praying the Lord spare her from these. My words can not express my gratitude for all your prayers for my daughter Elizabeth and for my husband Tom and myself. The times of anguish and dispare of helplessly watching Liz suffer over these last few months, has been met by your prayers, and the tangible presence of God's peace being poured out. With much love and blessings to all of you. Anne

Keep up the good work!
Pastor Jeff
The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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