Thursday, May 2, 2019

Update on Elizabeth Bressert

Received this yesterday From Mimi

"Message: Latest on Elizabeth Bressert, I just got this as a text from Ann. Elizabeth Bressert Update. Wednesday, May 1st Since my last update on April 22nd, Liz has been in the hospital 5 of the 9 days. In short, new meds and amts from the new Doctor have improved things somewhat, but are not turning her around enough to keep her from loosing weight and keep her out of the hospital, There is one med left to try and it has to come through customs (pray that it does) from Canada. They said it is a 2 - 4 week delivery time. Please pray that it arrives much quicker. Blessings, Tom & Anne Bressert"
Let's continue to lift her up.
Pastor Jeff
The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team


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