Sunday, January 21, 2018

Prayer for the Tiger Family

Dear Prayer Team:

Please pray for the Tiger family.  They have been battling the flu and need our prayers for a speedy and ful recovery!

We are missing our Church Family, but have been passing the flu around to each other. Do not want to share with the church those germs. We seem to start feeling better, but just can't "shake" this.
Please pray for a "speedier" recovery. With the type of work Abe and I do, going into peoples homes makes us more susceptible. Plus, many of my patients do have the flu, or the facility will be on lockdown due to flu, we continue to run fever. With prayers so far, Waxin has stayed flu free, along with the immunity boosters and vitamins.
With love,
The Tiger Family
Abe, Tonja, and Waxin

Lord, surround Abe, Tonja, and Waxin with your healing power!  As we gather together this morning for worship, may they sense our prayers and love extended to them.

In Jesus Name!

The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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