Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Dear Prayer Team:

Below is an update from Phil Carty.  Surgery was successful!  Now, please join together in praying him through his full recovery!

Hi Kirk
We were sorry to hear Christmas on the square was cancelled it always brings back fond memories for us both'
I am in recovery as I write this the operation was carried out yesterday it took 3.40 min to complete I have to chuckle when we met the anaesthetist in the morning it was obvious she was a believer and as I was going out under the sedation I was mutter the word and in tongues quietly to myself, she bent down by my right ear and whispered it's OK Phil I've got the ball and God got it covered just relax.
The dressings have been taken off today and its very painful to move they are a bit concerned about infection so prayers in that area would be appreciated the girls are a bit tired it's a 50 mile round trip and the weather is very icy here so they have to be careful on the roads

Will let you know more later

Thanks to Weatherford for you love prayers and support
Phil and Alison


The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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