Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Praise Report and Continued Prayer for Phil Carty

Dear Prayer Team:

Please see the praise report and request for continual prayer from Phil Carty below.  God is answering prayer!

Hi Kirk

Thank you for all of your continued prayers, as you know the last operation scheduled for the 8th November 16 was cancelled at the last minute as my white blood cell count was outside of the required parameters. We had a meeting on the 18th with the consultant who made the decision to cancel the procedure on the data he had. At the meeting we produced 12 months' worth of blood tests all showing that my white cell count was always outside the recommended the recommended range and he had to admit he had made an error in judgement.

We had notification that they had rescheduled the operation for the 20th December 2016, this was a bit disappointing as it meant that Christmas was a bit of a right off as I would not come out until the 24th and even then the care might not have been as good as many of the key people were on vacation during this time and it was the last day of operations at the hospital. We were grateful for the date but it was still concerning. Additionally, I had to go through all the pre op tests on the 6th which again would mean there was a further risk of cancellation if the tests came up with some other issue.

Today is Alison's birthday so we had been out for lunch when we got back there was a call as we walked into the house and it was the hospital. We were informed that my operation had been pulled forwards to the 6th December, we were also informed that no further tests were required and that I have report for admission at 07.30 on the 6th.

So, we are now all set for the 6th and would ask for your continued prayers for the skills of the surgeon and his team for the care team who have to look after me during recovery for the physiotherapists who have to get me walking again and for rapid and complete healing after the operation. Especially for my wife and daughter as they are obviously concerned.

We will let you know how it goes and thank you for your continued love, friendship and prayers


Phil and Alison 

Thank you for your prayers!

The Fellowship at Weatherford
Prayer Team

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